Ubuntu – Could not calculate upgrade 13.10

Just wanted to share some information I found. Many may face this daunting error “Could not calculate upgrade”, and will find post telling them to type


“grep Broken /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log”


Well, I had a ton of broken packages, but I noticed all of them mentioned ~ricotz0


Broken brasero:amd64 Depends on libgtk-3-0 [ amd64 ] < 3.8.1+git20130422.0ce7854a-0ubuntu1~12.10~ricotz0 -> 3.8.6-0ubuntu2 > ( libs ) (>= 3.0.0)
Broken brasero:amd64 Depends on libnautilus-extension1a [ amd64 ] < 1:3.6.3-0ubuntu16 -> 1:3.8.2-0ubuntu2 > ( libs ) (>= 1:2.91)
Broken brasero:amd64 Depends on gnome-icon-theme [ amd64 ] < 3.7.3+git20121224.2af6b37d-0ubuntu1~12.10~ricotz0 -> 3.8.3-0ubuntu3 > ( gnome )
Broken libgtk-3-0:amd64 Depends on libgtk-3-common [ amd64 ] < 3.8.1+git20130422.0ce7854a-0ubuntu1~12.10~ricotz0 -> 3.8.6-0ubuntu2 > ( misc ) (= 3.8.1+git20130422.0ce7854a-0ubuntu1~12.10~ricotz0)
Broken libgtk-3-0:amd64 Depends on libwayland0 [ amd64 ] < 1.0.5-0ubuntu1 > ( libs ) (>= 1.0.2)


I recognized that to be a PPA I once had, the gnome testing… but I don’t have it right now! So I had no ppa to purge.

However, simply adding it then ppa-purging it removed the PPA and downgraded all of the packages.

This will help resolve the issue for most people exeriencing this problem (I happened to still have problems, but eventually something got it to work).

Hope this helps.

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