Mojang is killing Minecraft

Another Thursday, another snapshot. Another use of the A word: “Adventure Mode”.

This is really getting ridiculous.. Mojang is killing Minecraft. Update after update we are seeing all these things added for Adventure Mode. Yes, Adventure mode… that thing no-one in multiplayer uses.

Mojang is putting too much effort into the single player features of Minecraft. They really do not want people to play Multiplayer Minecraft. So many changes kill the performance of Minecraft in multiplayer, but, it runs fine in Single Player or 4 man LAN games! So it’s all good!

But…. You know what has made Empire Minecraft so strong? Our community. Our server is designed around players playing the game with tons of other friends. That strength in community, playing together, creates a unique bond of loyalty.

However, Mojang does not get this. Instead, everything is designed for Adventure Maps, just to make YouTubers happy. This results in many players leaving their home server just to start a local one to play some adventure map with the new features that the latest update added…

So these players now leave their home server, then get bored of what ever they just did in the small server, and in essence then feel bored of Minecraft. Mojang is creating an ecosystem designed around short term satisfaction.

This is extremely unhealthy for the long term viability of the game. How about designing things that benefit large multiplayer servers? Design things that will keep people entertained for weeks or months. Design things that encourage playing with friends and meeting new people.

That is what I am trying to accomplish with Empire Minecraft, a strong community founded on playing the game together. But it doesn’t help that we have to constantly work on updating to the latest version to include new blocks/terrain (destroying that long term aspect of a single world, what’s the point creating something huge if worldgen changes in 2 months and now your world is not that smooth?), and a bunch of features that mean nothing to multiplayer servers…

Work with the community Mojang, and not the “YouTube Community”, the “Everyone else” community. Stop fighting us.

I am very passionate about development, and communities. I am now living my dream of running my own gaming company, as I have now founded Starlis LLC and operate the Empire Minecraft service, the place where I met my lovely wife Mia!

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  1. Keep up the good work, this server is better then all the others i’ve played on. The custom mobs are very cool. I have 2 momentus guarding my island at the moment lol. Thanks!

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