Triangle Enlightened


This is a place holder page for flyers I intend to distribute to the Triangle Area.

Ingress is a new game created by a subset of Google called Niantic Labs. It is a game you play on Android phones and uses GPS to use the real world as the playing field.

In the Triangle, our faction, the Enlightened, has amazing teamwork and coordination. It makes the game a lot of fun.

If you join, you can meet over 50+ people (currently around 90+ members), and join in group events with 15-30 people at them.

Our group is very family friendly – Many couples (my Fiancee plays with me!) and full families play together, including some kids 🙂

The basic premise of the game is 2 teams battle for control over special locations throughout the world. Every piece of artistic sculptures, or historical landmarks may be a “portal” ready to claim. Then players link these portals together to gain worldwide score for your team and gain lots of level up points.

You can play socially, or you can play extensively, all players are encouraged to join our community!

3 Major perks of this game:

  • Social: Meeting lots of new people (Don’t worry, we are not Axe Murderers, Our group is full of couples, parents and kids and college students)
  • Excercise: This is not a game meant to be played while driving. You will be walking alot! I personally am up to near 5 miles a day when playing, and I am a programmer who sits all day long!
  • Exploring: There is so much art and sites to see in your area, and other cities you never had need to go to. This game will get you out and see all those things you never noticed.

To play, you will need an Android Phone with 2.3+ (newer is better). You will need to sign in to to request an invite code.
However, if this seems extremely interesting to you and you have time to play a alot, and could see yourself being a big team member, then email me at (my alias @my < this site) and we can arrange an in person meetup and I will help get you up to speed and hopefully an invite code.

Another note, you will likely need to spend $40 to buy an external battery charger, or otherwise have an extended battery in your phone.Standard phone batteries will die within 1 hour or less of playing, as this game will push your phone to its limits.

There is also the additional expenses you will have on gas if you are an active player. Also, there are extensive data usages involved, so expect to get a bigger data plan too.

We hope to see you on the enlightened team! Email me if you have any questions.

I am Senior Software Engineer and Entrepeneur. I am an enthusiast and love creating things. I operate my own side company in my free time called Starlis LLC, working in Minecraft.

I enjoy doing things right and learning modern technologies.