To contact me, I am on nearly every IM Network and I have over 100 email addresses, but here is the basic ones:

  • AIM: AikarAdora
  • XMPP/JABBER: aikar @ this domain (my name .co  (thats not .com))
  • Yahoo: AikarAdora
  • Twitter: Aikar (
  • Email: aikar @ this domain (my name .co  (thats not .com))
  • IRC: / Aikar
  • MSN: I am logged into MSN but I really do not like the protocol as I can not sign in multiple places, so please use something else.
  • Facebook: Sorry Facebook is private for friends and family only.

I am Senior Software Engineer and Entrepeneur. I am an enthusiast and love creating things. I operate my own side company in my free time called Starlis LLC, working in Minecraft.

I enjoy doing things right and learning modern technologies.