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About Aikar – Spigot

Hello. I am Aikar. You might not of heard my name before as I have primary kept to the Spigot community, and not released any public plugins.
I am one of the primary contributors to Spigot, bringing many performance improving features and tools. It is my goal to make the server perform the best it can 🙂

Some of the features I created you likely use with Spigot:

  • Entity-Activation-Range: A system that makes entities go inactive when not near a player, drastically reducing the lag caused by entities, especially items on the ground!
  • Entity-Tracking-Range: A system that lets you control how far away the client can see entities
  • Limit TNT Detonation: Controls how fast TNT Detonates on server, preventing TNT from lagging out the server
  • Entity Collision Limiting: Settings to control how much entities can collide with each other, reducing lag caused by animals being clustered into small pens.
  • Spigot Timings: Essentially a built in profiler of the servers performance. Timings lets you see data into what is causing your server to lag, making it simple for anyone to access and view the data without the complications of using Java Debuggers
  • Fixed the 1.7.10 (1.8 Protocol Support) Memory Leak – While it wasn’t a spigot bug that caused the leak, I submitted a fix to make it so plugins with memory leaks did not drastically crash the server like it was.
  • PENDING: Working on a MASSIVE improvement to how the servers handle Tile Entities, drastically cutting down lag caused by Signs, Chests and more. This will provide a substantial performance improvement.
  • PENDING: Reduced Spawn Chunks Loaded: Reduce the number of chunks that force stay loaded around spawn to limit to the servers View-Distance, but also be configurable. This greatly speeds up server start speed as well as reduces lag from having less chunks loaded.
  • + Many more small things!

I am not an official member of the Spigot project, and do not receive any of the donations given to Spigot! So, if you would like to say thanks, please donate 🙂 Donations will go to my company Starlis LLC to keep it simpler on me for Tax Reporting.

I am Senior Software Engineer and Entrepeneur. I am an enthusiast and love creating things. I operate my own side company in my free time called Starlis LLC, working in Minecraft.

I enjoy doing things right and learning modern technologies.