The Return

So, the past 2 months have been hectic. I’ve purchased my first house… So i’ve been busy with all of that process, moving, etc, spending loads and loads of money into the new house… There was no time for programming. 🙁 But I think I’ve finally gotten back to a resting point in life, as […]


Google Traceur for Node.JS

I’ve written aother node module to provide Google Traceur support for Node.JS If you are not familiar with Traceur, read up on it here: And the features it provides: Examples: To use: npm install traceur then require(‘traceur’) then all require() calls can be traceur syntax files. Note you can’t use Traceur […]


Get sucked in… Wormhole!

I have finally released my 2nd module to the Node.JS community, Wormhole!

Wormhole provides a message queue system over network streams using the MessagePack library for serialization. The streaming deserializer is great for performance and memory usage, and allows you to have very high performance compared to JSON or traditional message queues.

Check out the Wormhole library on github


It’s magic…

So, I was reading over the V8 docs yesterday and found a really neat feature in the C++ API… Interceptors. Interceptors let you provide a global getter/setter on an object so you can get a callback for ANY property request/set without specially adding a setter/getter by name for it. This is something that I’ve found […]


2 Way local folder synchronization with lsyncd

How to synchronize 2 folders both ways using lsyncd instead of rsync.


Minimal Gnome – My Ubuntu Theme / Layout

My Ubuntu theme and how to get setup to have the same thing!


Ubuntu – Prevent sleep while sharing files over samba

Learn how to prevent sleep while sharing files over samba / smb.


BareNPM: A bare minimum NPM package installer.

Just wanted to update on what i’m currently working on.Nova is pretty much in a releasable state except that I ran into another idea to do at work and it was something I could use asap at work so I began work on it. I’m creating an alternative package installer for NPM, with a few […]


Nova: A JavaScript based template engine for Node.JS

Previously I wrote that I will be releasing a JavaScript based template engine very soon (HOPEFULLY this weekend) for Node.JS, so I wanted to talk a little on that. One big annoyance with template engines these days for me is the idea that the syntax has to be some special unique format, in which no […]


Giving to the Node.JS community: Nova, Meteor, Wormhole

I am beginning a series of libraries to release to Open Source for the Node.JS community.
First a fully JavaScript based Template Engine with full JavaScript CSS syntax support,
then Meteor, a MongoDB wrapper similar to Mongoose, then Wormhole, a Message Framing and RPC framework using MessagePack for superior performance!


I am Senior Software Engineer and Entrepeneur. I am an enthusiast and love creating things. I operate my own side company in my free time called Starlis LLC, working in Minecraft.

I enjoy doing things right and learning modern technologies.