NVIDIA SLI + Triple Display on Ubuntu 14.04!

For many months I’ve had a 3rd monitor on my desk, but could not use it as I could not get it to work. Any time I enabled the monitor using Xinerama, the desktop would freeze on login. I’ve now learned about how the whole XOrg and Nvidia Settings system works. The trick is that […]


Apache 2.4, PHP 5.5 with php-fpm and mod_rewrite

This guide was updated on April 28, 2016 with some missed details! – Added timeout and flush params to the External Server command, and added missing -socket – Added missing apache modules actions and alias So recently I’ve had trouble with the host I had been using for years (bad support, billing broke, DDOS Attacks […]


The problems with Bukkit and Contributing

I spend quite a lot of time improving the CraftBukkit’s core code, in order to make it perform better, more efficient and overall do things in a better way. I’m responsible for some of the biggest performance improvements that’s been made to the Minecraft Server. However, if you’re not apart of the Spigot community, it’s […]


Blog Activity on Aikar.co?

Yes, you’re eyes are not deceiving you. I am writing! Though, I am cheating and doing many of these post all at once and scheduling them, but I am wanting to get more content up on this blog to share some of my recent learnings with building out my new server. So, here is to […]


Ubuntu System Freeze on X58 Motherboard – Solved!

I wrote in another article on how I was having some system instability issues, where the CPU would stall, and everything stopped, no SSH, no TTY, no REISUB, dead! BIOS updates did not help, changing hardware settings did not help, and I was about ready to sell this PC… But I found the problem finally! […]


Mojang is killing Minecraft

Another Thursday, another snapshot. Another use of the A word: “Adventure Mode”. This is really getting ridiculous.. Mojang is killing Minecraft. Update after update we are seeing all these things added for Adventure Mode. Yes, Adventure mode… that thing no-one in multiplayer uses. Mojang is putting too much effort into the single player features of […]


The quest for triple head on Ubuntu with SLI GPU

I recently purchased a system from my friend to upgrade my old system, as I really wanted 3 monitors… So, I might of bought a “Gibson” (No, not the guitar, if your on my blog you should get the reference!), but sadly I had tons of trouble getting the 3rd monitor to work under Ubuntu […]


I’m Back!

I’m going to really start to post more on this blog now. Namely about Minecraft, programming, and my personal weight loss findings and progress. So if this interests you, check back often 🙂


Ubuntu – Could not calculate upgrade 13.10

Just wanted to share some information I found. Many may face this daunting error “Could not calculate upgrade”, and will find post telling them to type   “grep Broken /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log”   Well, I had a ton of broken packages, but I noticed all of them mentioned ~ricotz0   Broken brasero:amd64 Depends on libgtk-3-0 [ amd64 […]


Where’s Aikar

Blog’s been pretty dead, that is clear. I’ve yet again switched projects last year and now doing full on Java Development! I am now the lead developer for Empire Minecraft. I am getting to work on some stuff that has always interested me: Gameplay Design and Development. In Minecraft, I manage a custom version of […]


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