Truth about Saturated Fats, and why Coconut Oil is not the worst ever

You may of recently seen something being shared recently  “Coconut oil isn’t healthy. It’s never been healthy.” from USAToday/BBC.
The AHA decided (or people with money) that since the public has increased use of Coconut Oil, that they needed to send a “refresher warning” about the dangers of “Saturated Fat.”
However, there’s a major problem here. These articles/studies assume that Total Cholesterol (TC) is the way to calculate risk for CVD (Cardiovascular Disease).
This is based on the “Lipid Hypothesis” (LH) theory.
However, more and more studies are coming out disproving the LH. As reported in the documentary “Fat Head”, linked at bottom of this post, the LH was founded on manipulated data by not including other data sources that showed inconsistent results regarding intake of fat and heart disease.
I’ve done quite a bit of research into this stuff lately, and found some great pubmed articles about saturated fats and cholesterol.
Studies continuously show that saturated fats alone might not actually be linked to CVD.
The study linked above show that replacing saturated fats in your diet with carbohydrates actually increases your risk of CVD.
Ultimately it boils down to that your Total LDL Cholesterol — DOES – NOT – MATTER —
This is referred to as “LDL-C” on blood work.
What matters is LDL-P, the count of SMALL particles.
Yes, Saturated fats are increasing LDL-C, but they are doing so by creating larger fluffy particles that do not cause CVD, and may even be beneficial/protective.
What actually matters is your HDL to LDL ratio, and the LDL-P counts.
So, about that Coconut Oil….
To call out the EXTREMELY important information from those 2 pubmed articles.
Lauric Acid, the C12 chain of saturated fat, which is 50% or more of coconut oil, is found to increase HDL in such great numbers that it’s disproportionate to the LDL increase, overall meaning that it improves your cholesterol by giving you more HDL than it does LDL.
Your Cholesterol Ratio will lower by consuming C12 chain saturated fats, which coconut oil is high in, as well as massively useful MCT chains (6 and 8).
Saturated Fat will be a primary way that will raise your HDL.
And the LDL raise that it causes will be of the fluffy kind, which are not a concern.
If you want to learn more about how the lies of the Lipid Hypothesis started, and learn more about cholesterol, see this documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pue5qVW5k8A
Now, go use that coconut oil and feel good about it.

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