Ubuntu System Freeze on X58 Motherboard – Solved!

I wrote in another article on how I was having some system instability issues, where the CPU would stall, and everything stopped, no SSH, no TTY, no REISUB, dead!

BIOS updates did not help, changing hardware settings did not help, and I was about ready to sell this PC…

But I found the problem finally!

In the X58 Motherboard, at least this Classified 3, Intel Turbo is on and CxE function is off by default.

Turning Turbo off and CxE to C6 has solved my issue. It appears Turbo is trying to overclock the CPU, and the voltage shortage is freezing things up. Why a default setting can result in such a level of instability is beyond me… but these 2 settings has 100% been the solution to my issue. No more hard shutdowns!

I hope this helps someone else!

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I am Senior Software Engineer and Entrepeneur. I am an enthusiast and love creating things. I operate my own side company in my free time called Starlis LLC, working in Minecraft.

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