Where’s Aikar

Blog’s been pretty dead, that is clear. I’ve yet again switched projects last year and now doing full on Java Development!

I am now the lead developer for Empire Minecraft. I am getting to work on some stuff that has always interested me: Gameplay Design and Development.

In Minecraft, I manage a custom version of the Minecraft Server software, as well as fully develop a custom built platform for the game to provide a unique Survival Server experience.

We focus on long term community impact, in aiming to give players constant content to play on, but keeping the game close to the “Vanilla” feel, so we like to call our server “French Vanilla”.

I also met my now Fiancee on Empire Minecraft… so you could say things got very interesting in life, but keeping busy 🙂

Follow me over at Empire Minecraft, but will try to do more post here.

I am very passionate about development, and communities. I am now living my dream of running my own gaming company, as I have now founded Starlis LLC and operate the Empire Minecraft service, the place where I met my lovely wife Mia!

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I am Senior Software Engineer and Entrepeneur. I am an enthusiast and love creating things. I operate my own side company in my free time called Starlis LLC, working in Minecraft.

I enjoy doing things right and learning modern technologies.