The Return

So, the past 2 months have been hectic.

I’ve purchased my first house… So i’ve been busy with all of that process, moving, etc, spending loads and loads of money into the new house… There was no time for programming. 🙁

But I think I’ve finally gotten back to a resting point in life, as another major goal in life knocked down (and man are they falling this year!, New job, new car, new home!) so I should hopefully be able to return to developing my projects again.

Although I haven’t done much coding on my open source projects recently, I’ve still been keeping up with Node.JS, so still aware of everything. Now its time to get back and get dirty with some MongoDB…

I am very passionate about development, and communities. I am now living my dream of running my own gaming company, as I have now founded Starlis LLC and operate the Empire Minecraft service, the place where I met my lovely wife Mia!

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I am Senior Software Engineer and Entrepeneur. I am an enthusiast and love creating things. I operate my own side company in my free time called Starlis LLC, working in Minecraft.

I enjoy doing things right and learning modern technologies.